Matis Quicklift – We love it

A treatment and a foundation in one – why would you not wear this?

The benefits:

HYALURONIC ACID SPHERE FILLERS : this is an express filling and smoothing technology. From a biotechnological origin, it is based on water-hungry components. Dehydrated, they rehydrate themselves in the skin and fill in wrinkles and fine lines.

QUICK’ ELASTIN : it is an active elasticity renovator from the dill seed extract. Its presence enhances the lysyl oxidase(LOXL)synthesis, an enzyme responsible for the cross-linking functionality and the elastic matrix, which is less produced because of ageing.

REFLECTIVE PEARLESCENT LIGHTS : they provide immediate brightness and recreate the original skin’s luminosity.

So how do you apply?

Apply the QuickLift by a small dab to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. With its fluid texture, this foundation stretches with fingertip movements from the centre of the face outwards. You must then repeat the movement starting from the bridge of the nose to the temples, and then finish the chin outward. We have even given you a picture.


Tout à fait étonnante as they say in france 🙂





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