The Most Ingenious Flannel Ever (well in my opinion)- The Make Up Eraser

I hate make up wipes, clogged with chemicals no skin should have to endure, clogging up the toilet because we are all too lazy to go to the bin (or is that just my house), eating away at my purse because I wipe the mirror, the sink, my work space and anything else in their vicinity with them. So I have been doing some. The average cost of a make up wipe is 14p per wipe (based on an average of a selection I found on the high street, or the Bridges if you are from where I am from) and no one just uses one so lets say it costs a minimum of 28p per day. That equates to £102.20 per year on wipes (assuming you only use 2 per day). Who only uses 2 wipes a day? If you are a make up wipe user and said yes to that question I think you may be in denial.  

Then I came across this nifty piece of cloth and my life was transformed (well that could be a slight exaggeration but I was excited) This soft, furry, child soothing blanket like cloth took away not only my water based make up, but my oil and waterproof make up in less than a minute. I was so impressed I had to get our very own 25o BAIB, Kayleigh, to do us a video so I could prove it to you all. Click here to see the proof

So my advice why not save yourself some money an get a make up eraser. Not only will it save you cash it will save your skin from the rubbishy chemicals they put in them and you are doing your bit for the planet . Go On you know it makes sense!

Seems we are not the only ones to love it either:

So what did Good Housekeeping have to say about it. Click here to find out

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