Matis Intensive Restructuring Evening Care


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The restructuring night care.

The Restructuring Evening Care is the night cream of Reponse Intensive. When used in synergy with the Intensive Remodeling Care for an advanced restructuring effect, it helps boost the cell renewal and acts on the brightness and uniformity of complexion. Your skin regains substance, tone and rebound. Finally, the Restructuring Evening Care offers a comfortable and enveloping texture, a perfect cocoon for the night.

DENSIDERMTM COMPLEX : the signature of Matis Paris, this complex acts on the skin as an architect of the dermis. Made of natural active ingredients targetting mature skins, it combines dill and soy extracts to consolidate and restructure in depth the dermal network and then improve its firmness, tone and density.

GLYCOLIC ACID COUPLED WITH A SUCCORY POLYSACCHARIDE : this coupling allows a stabilization of glycolic acid for a daily gentle exfoliation. The cell regeneration is stimulated, the complexion is uniform and the skin hydrated.

NANOCITRUS EXTRACT: rich in active molecules, these citroflavonoids help to hold back melanogenesis effects responsible for the appearance of dark spots. 

JASMINE ESSENTIAL WAX : it provides regenerative properties.




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